Sunday, 18 March 2012


A lonely handshake,
blurred dance and fuzzy embrace.

Hearts yearning.

Heads turmoil.

Souls destruction.

In beds of dying embers 
my heart lies bleeding.

I wait.

I wait.

A lost connection,
of thought, of hope,
of lucid transparency.

Seeing me clearly,
and wanting me as I am.
With clear headed ease you succome to me,
becoming the piece I had lost.

Two hearts bleeding and burning as one.
With certainty and conviction.
You trust in my eyes.

I will not deceive you.

I will not disservice you.

I wait.

I wait.

For a stuck still moment.
Inhibitions take flight, numbed senses finally tingle in arousement.

Holy Mother!

Christ!The Bones, The Blood!

True ecstasy.

Total combustion.

Apocalyptic hemerage.

Fatal kiss.

I wait.

I wait.

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