Sunday, 17 July 2011

Owning Everything.

You worry that I will leave you
I will not leave you
Only strangers travel.
Owning everything,
I have no where to go.

Leonard Cohen

I have moved back to Auckland City to be near the ones I love.Most of these photographs were taken by Nicholas my lovely partner, on a day trip to Devonport to play on the hills with the toadstools and pretend we are in marioland.The poem is from a book of poems by Leonard Cohen called 'Stranger Music '.Which I was reading whilst sitting at the top of the hill in the sun.I love Leonard's poetry almost as much as his music but I guess they are interchangeable anyway.You can't have one without the other in my opinion.I will try and post more often once I get settled.I am living between a few places at the moment with my possessions packed away and seem to be constantly carrying bags of clothes and art supplies with me where ever I go.Anyway to any of you out there who happen past my humble blog thanks for looking and please feel free to isa x


Anonymous said...

You are amazing

ZEOLITE said...

that little toadstool!